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Fullfilment Service

We understand the challenges businesses face, especially when it comes to warehousing and shipping products. With our fulfillment service, we offer a tailor-made solution for companies that do not have their own storage space or do not want to deal with the shipping process. Let us take care of your logistics so you can concentrate on your core business.

your advantages

Time saving

Concentrate on your core business while we take care of the logistical challenges.


Our service grows with your business, whether you have 10 or 10,000 orders per day.

Professional packaging

We ensure professional and attractive packaging for your products that increases brand value and impresses customers.

Cost savings

Avoid the high costs of warehousing, personnel and shipping infrastructure by relying on our efficient fulfillment services.

Fast Shipping

Benefit from our fast and reliable shipping solutions that satisfy your customers and strengthen your brand reputation.

Customer Service

Offer your customers an outstanding experience by relying on our professional customer service teams to handle returns, exchanges and other inquiries.


Lagerregale von oben

Storage locations

Overhead-Ansicht des Lagers
Do you urgently need more space for your products? Our pallet-sized storage space offers the solution! With modern warehouse infrastructure and flexible capacities, we support your business growth by efficiently solving space problems. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and use our storage space service to easily and reliably meet your storage needs.


All prices without VAT. expelled


€1.35 per package

+ €0.50 box

Included in the price:

- Packaging tape

- A4 delivery note

- Filling material


€2.00 / storage unit / monthly

13.00 € / pallet / monthly


€0.30 per item

Price is due at:

- Goods Receipt

- Goods issue

Goods Receipt

€2.00 per box

€11.00 per pallet

Included in the price:

- Professional entry into our goods system

- Quality control for damage and quantity differences

- Comparison of delivery note


€2.00 per item

Included in the price

- Quality control for damage & use

- Sending 4 pictures of Product to you

- Classification back into the system after consultation


€35.00 Pallet preparation

+ €16.00 Euro pallet

Included in the price:

- Place goods on pallet

- Wrap the pallet with foil and load it


from €2.00 depending on package size & kilo

Shipping service provider:


If available, existing contracts that you have with the shipping service provider can also be used so that we can use the agreed price with the shipping service provider.

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