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From storage to delivery, we at BG-Solutions do it!

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What constitutes fulfillment?

Fulfillment is more than just shipping products. It covers the entire process chain, from storage and picking to packaging and delivery. At BG Solutions, we understand the importance of a smooth fulfillment process for your business. That's why we offer tailor-made solutions that make your logistics efficient and help you satisfy your customers. With state-of-the-art technology, experienced staff and a clear focus on quality and reliability, we are your partner for successful fulfillment solutions.

Our fulfillment services

Goods Receipt

After your goods arrive by parcel service or truck, we carry out spot checks to check for transport damage. We then store your products safely in our warehouse so that they are quickly ready for sale. We provide all goods with barcodes to ensure a smooth process. If necessary, we will be happy to attach barcodes.


We attach great importance to reliable packaging at our packing stations and offer various materials. In addition to products, we add delivery notes and re-scan all goods for correct deliveries. BG-Solutions has additional staff available to handle peak times and guarantee fast service.


Returning goods can be complex and time-consuming, but we are here to support you. We will accept, inspect and store the returned items. As soon as we receive the goods, you will receive immediate feedback so that you can issue appropriate credit notes or request replacement goods through our service.


Our electronic control optimizes the storage and utilization of your goods. In our well-insulated and heated warehouse, small parts and pallets find protected space on numerous shelves. Alarm and fire protection devices ensure maximum safety and dry storage conditions.

To ship

Our partnership with various freight and shipping service providers allows us to always offer you the most cost-effective shipping option. No matter whether it's parcels, pallets or international shipments - we take care of it. Additional services such as age verification, express shipping or registered mail can also be organized by us upon request.

Optimization of your marketplaces

We optimize your marketplace presence on Shopify, Amazon and eBay with our professional services. We develop tailor-made strategies for better visibility, optimized product presentation and higher sales. Our experienced team uses keywords, SEO and advertising to successfully place your products. With continuous analysis and adjustments, we always keep your presence up to date.

Repack/create sets

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If the goods delivered do not meet your sales requirements, we will be happy to take care of the repackaging for you. Whether small parts in bags or sets, we arrange everything according to your wishes.

Determine volume/weight

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If information about the size or weight of your products is missing, we record it once per SKU and store it in our system. This ensures correct billing of storage areas. If requested, we can also provide you with the data in a CSV file to support your internal system maintenance.

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Product photography

Our product photography service offers high-quality photos of your products that present your items in an attractive way. Thanks to our expertise in product staging and editing, we ensure that your products are presented professionally. Our photographers carefully emphasize the unique features of your items to appeal to potential customers.



Would you like to relocate products for FBA or have them assembled for Amazon FBA? MyFulfiller takes care of these tasks for you. We will arrange further transport to an Amazon warehouse. You just give us the delivery plan and we take care of the rest: labeling, packaging and shipping.

Additional services

Get more sales
On Amazon!

With our optimization services!


Professional product images

A picture is worth a thousand words - especially in e-commerce, where potential customers can only interact with your products virtually. Our agency offers you high-quality, professional product images that put your products in the best light and strengthen customer trust.


Listing optimization

Our experts understand Amazon's complex algorithms and know what keywords and optimization strategies are needed to make your products appear at the top of search results. From title design to description to bullet points and backend keywords, we optimize every element of your listing to achieve maximum visibility.


Ads management

Our experienced experts understand the intricacies of the Amazon Advertising system and develop customized strategies tailored to your specific goals and audiences. From choosing the right keywords to designing compelling ads to continually monitoring and optimizing your campaigns, we ensure your ad budgets are used effectively and you get the best possible ROI.


Full service support

Our experienced team handles all aspects of your Amazon presence, from creating and optimizing your product pages to managing your ad campaigns and continually monitoring and adjusting your strategy. We take care of the professional photography of your products, the targeted optimization of your listings, the effective management of your advertising campaigns and much more.

How do we find your solution?



You are just a click away! Step one on the way to your solution is simple: contact us. Let us know how we can help you.



Once you have contacted us, we leave nothing to chance. We take the time to understand your problems and develop tailor-made solutions. Schedule a Zoom meeting or call so we can learn more about your needs.



After analyzing your needs, we will create a fair and transparent offer for our services. We want to make sure you get the best possible solution that meets your needs.

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